Monday, March 21, 2011


Dear Readers:

I told you that if nothing else, I would post the number. The funny thing is, you'd have to live under a substantial rock to not heard, as I have used the following methods to communicate that sweet number:
1. Facebook
2. Texting
3. Word of Mouth
4. Post-It Note
5. Mind Control
6. Interpretive Dance
7. Smoke Signals
8. Homing Pigeons
9. Craigslist
10. Postcard

I may be exaggerating a bit, but not by much.

So here is the skinny, (I've always wanted to say that with conviction) my class let out early most likely because my professor forgot that he was teaching today and had nothing prepared. We spent the better part of the ninety minutes staring at him.

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller

Just like that. At a point, even he gave up. This messed me up, because I usually take a 15-20min bathroom break. This time when I came back, it was time to go. Naturally I panicked. Was I really in the bathroom for 90min? What would become of me??!! I was happy to find that we were dismissed early but then instantly annoyed since my next class is at 7:30. Now what? What would become of me??!! Another teacher decided to go to the computer lab. I just wanted to find somewhere warm to curl up and FB. He invited me to the computer lab, as everyone knows, computer labs are hella hot.

He is working on something important. Hell, everyone is working on something important, so I didn't think that FB, solitaire or online shopping would look good.
Ta-dah, this is where you come in. I am typing furiously with purpose, trying not to laugh, because I look and sound (tappy tippy tappy) so important and studious.

I look like I am working on a dissertation, which is funny because I do have one to do and I have yet to start. What's the rush? The information is not going anywhere. Freak it.

Back to the matter at hand, because I forgot why I said "here's the skinny". I belong to Weight Watchers online and I noticed one user talking about reaching his 50lb milestone. FIFTY POUNDS!!! I did not even consider losing that much. Remember the goal of 40 in 40 was 40lbs in 40 weeks. That means I would have been at 160lbs. I am only 11lbs away from that.

OMG...the fire alarm. Seriously?? What are we, middle schoolers..? My friend went to check the validity of this madness, in the meantime, I'm still with you. if I wanted to do the entire 50lbs, I only have about 18lbs to go. That would be nuts because I'd be like 150lbs. I probably weighed that in (damn alarm...sheesh)seventh grade.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Helllllooooooo Can You Hear Me??

Maybe you can't hear me, as I type so much softer now that I am down

wait for it
wait for it

When we last spoke it was January 6, and I was down 17lbs. I noticed that I had until May 22 to hit my goal of 40lbs. I was 23lbs away.

Readers: I am now 29lbs down. I know, right! I am very excited. I actually hit 30lbs, then put on an extra one. A blow, but a slight one. I have done all of this with Weight Watchers.

I was on my way to Facebook today to post up about something I noticed today, then I thought to myself, Helllloooooo...why not blog? I was going to hit both blogs, but a wonderful friend reminded me of a blogging retreat that I will be going to at the end of the month. For that reason, I will save my other blog.

Now this puts me a certain place. Do I close this blog when I meet my goal or do I continue to May 22 and see what happens? If I keep losing at this rate, May 22 is going to reveal a twig.

First let me get into what I noticed today. I feel really good and I love the way my clothes fit. I am thrilled that the size 10 jeans I treated myself to in early February are loose now. I am riding on the feeling. Today was a warmesque day in the city and people, especially woman, were shedding layers. I noticed that despite my accomplishments, I still have a ways to go. I saw a few bodies that I would love to be my own, and I have to keep going.

Secondly, things are getting a little tough with counting points, rather staying within my points. I think the summer is going to be challenging. I thought that the holiday season was saturated with food. Obviously I forgot all about all the goodies to enjoy in the summertime. Its all good, I can do it. I really can.

A peek into the blog that will manifest at the end of the month:
I have been through many changes over the past year and it shows. I'd like to believe that I am learning powerful lessons, but I won't know for sure as of yet. That is one of the reasons that I have not been regular here. I don't like to keep things from you, but I need to consistently remind myself that some things are just for me.

Listen, there is no structure here, I bet that is a surprise to you. Lol. Did I mention my photo shoot? Yeah Ms. Honey and Mr. Sunshine, Ms. Lola is in pictures. What, say word?!


I'm tired, sweet readers and I have to go. I should leave you a recipe, but nothing comes to mind. I have been dining on a lot of prepared foods ie Lean Cuisine and ish.

No promises, but I will try to blog after this weekend's weigh-in. Even if it is just the number. Yeah man, sometimes it be's like that.

I love me for losing, I'm on my way.