Thursday, March 17, 2011

Helllllooooooo Can You Hear Me??

Maybe you can't hear me, as I type so much softer now that I am down

wait for it
wait for it

When we last spoke it was January 6, and I was down 17lbs. I noticed that I had until May 22 to hit my goal of 40lbs. I was 23lbs away.

Readers: I am now 29lbs down. I know, right! I am very excited. I actually hit 30lbs, then put on an extra one. A blow, but a slight one. I have done all of this with Weight Watchers.

I was on my way to Facebook today to post up about something I noticed today, then I thought to myself, Helllloooooo...why not blog? I was going to hit both blogs, but a wonderful friend reminded me of a blogging retreat that I will be going to at the end of the month. For that reason, I will save my other blog.

Now this puts me a certain place. Do I close this blog when I meet my goal or do I continue to May 22 and see what happens? If I keep losing at this rate, May 22 is going to reveal a twig.

First let me get into what I noticed today. I feel really good and I love the way my clothes fit. I am thrilled that the size 10 jeans I treated myself to in early February are loose now. I am riding on the feeling. Today was a warmesque day in the city and people, especially woman, were shedding layers. I noticed that despite my accomplishments, I still have a ways to go. I saw a few bodies that I would love to be my own, and I have to keep going.

Secondly, things are getting a little tough with counting points, rather staying within my points. I think the summer is going to be challenging. I thought that the holiday season was saturated with food. Obviously I forgot all about all the goodies to enjoy in the summertime. Its all good, I can do it. I really can.

A peek into the blog that will manifest at the end of the month:
I have been through many changes over the past year and it shows. I'd like to believe that I am learning powerful lessons, but I won't know for sure as of yet. That is one of the reasons that I have not been regular here. I don't like to keep things from you, but I need to consistently remind myself that some things are just for me.

Listen, there is no structure here, I bet that is a surprise to you. Lol. Did I mention my photo shoot? Yeah Ms. Honey and Mr. Sunshine, Ms. Lola is in pictures. What, say word?!


I'm tired, sweet readers and I have to go. I should leave you a recipe, but nothing comes to mind. I have been dining on a lot of prepared foods ie Lean Cuisine and ish.

No promises, but I will try to blog after this weekend's weigh-in. Even if it is just the number. Yeah man, sometimes it be's like that.

I love me for losing, I'm on my way.


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