Thursday, January 6, 2011


Has it really been since December 17? It is nearly the end of the first week of January. I am so sorry. Did you think I was hanging off the edge of the GWB? Of course you didn't. I'm sorry that I took so long. I did break 190, in fact, I am on my way to break 180. This morning I weighed in at 183. My next official weigh in is on Saturday. These past two weeks have been tough because the holidays fell on Saturdays and apparently someone feels that Christmas and New Year's Day are more important than Weight Watcher meetings. I don't agree. I went to two other meetings, one only for the weigh in and one that I actually stuck around for. I wish I could go back to the one that I stayed at. I like my regular Saturday group, but I have a crush on that Thursday group. Alas. That's how the Points Plus crumble.

I remember that when I started this blog I wanted to lose 40lbs in what, 40 weeks? It must be, because I was not doing that in 40 days, months or years. I wish I could see when I started, but...hey, what is my problem? I'm a blogger! I know how to save now and come back to post. Ok, give me a second. Feel free to walk away for a bit during this non-message from our sponsors of which I have none.

I'm BACK!! I was 200lbs when I started this blog on August 15, 2010. Let me count the weeks...and check progress. I have lost 17lbs, maybe sec...we are in week 21. If I use the 17lbs, than I've averaged about half a pound a week. This is not a true statement because my weight has flucuated over this time. I'm trying to be easy on myself, but the truth is, I've gained and lost, lost and gained...I've tried different methods, but the best results have been on Weight Watchers. The solid 17lbs that I've lost have been since joining on November 20th.

It is a little sucky that it took me three months to come to the conclusion that I needed more than just myself to get through this.

I do feel like you've been supporting me all this time. Thank you for that. Ok, so I have 23lbs to go and I have until when...back to the calendar, one sec...May 22. Hell yeah, I can do that.

Do you think I can do that? At this rate, I may even go beyond that goal. If I've lost 17lbs in a little over a month, let's say I continue at 10lbs a month, that's another 40lbs bringing me



oh jeez



I don't even know what that will look like. We will see. I don't know if I will stick to the 4(40)0 or go beyond that. Only time, Plus Points and I will tell.

I love me for losing, I'm on my way!!


Shoot...I wanted to share this with you:

Breakfast Fried Rice
(from my new cookbook, title TBA)

Four Egg Whites
1/4 cup cooked brown rice
Diced scallions
Thai Chili Garlic sauce (as much as you like)

Spray the pan and heat
Pour in the lightly scrambled whites to cook
Once they are nearly there, about 6min,
Toss in the rest of the ingrediants

Eat, Enjoy and Love....its only 3pts!

I made this the night before work and it was so freaking good. I didn't really change anything in the recipe, but I did not copy it from the book, because I don't walk around with cookbooks. Though I could if I wanted, because I'm sexy like that.

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