Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 17: How Lola Got Her Sea Legs (Not Back)



First the gritty...I am still or at least at this morning's weigh-in, 201.5. Yes I was very disappointed, but that was at 5:30am and I'm over it.

Today I went on a trust building retreat. It was great! It was my first one and though I was nervous; I really left happy. Unfortunately I was a little too hyped to think some of my words out, so I might have come off a little loopy. Damn. I don't think adrenaline is my thing.

Anyway..I'm still a little hyper, its 11pm and I'm hanging laundry, and whatnot, when I know damn well I should be asleep.

I could walk you through the trust building stuff but let's cut to the funny. I canoed today. That is a big deal for a number of reasons: the greatest being that I'm a chicken.

They asked us to line up in order of comfort and skill. I watch a lot of reality tv, so I raced to get at the end of the line, assuming that they would match me up with the beginning i.e. the expert. I was correct. I was matched up with a colleague who was a CERTIFIED LIFE GUARD AND SWIM INSTRUCTOR. OOOOOOWWWEEEE! The lighter person rides in the front and in this case that was me.

Knowing my weight and my height (TALL), you can imagine that she was an Amazon. It was great! My legs were all shaky but I felt so proud. She was a great leader and good at directing me. I never turned around to look her, see the bawk-bawk! At one point some genius started a game of tag. Trust me, you are no squirrel..its sounds nuts because it was.

My "safe" choice, to my surprise, was very, very competitive. Do you see where this is going?

The way the game is played, the ball gets tossed into a canoe, making that canoe "it". You've played tag before, so I'm not getting into it.

At one point we were fine because I kept distracted her with chitchat. This worked until someone tried to get the ball into our canoe and my partner decided to deflect the ball with her oar.

She did this without telling me.

She leaned over and the next thing I know

the canoe FLIPPED.

I say flipped because I ended up under it. Scary stuff.

Let me wrap this up...falling off a canoe while in the middle of a lake is funny. Getting back in said canoe while still in the middle of the lake is HYSTERICAL.
Getting back in said canoe while still in the middle of the lake AND enlisting four grown men is INNNNNNNNNNNSAAAAAAANNNNNE! (Crazy Eddie Style)

I'm laughing as I write this, but you should know that the AC is off and its 81 degrees you can imagine inside. I'm probably delirious.

Once your sides stop aching and you stop tearing, we will continue.


Back to business: Today I had a smoothie: 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup each of oatmeal, blueberries and pineapple, one cup of 2% milk, green tea extract and water. I didn't measure the water, I only needed to fill the cup. For lunch I had a soft chicken taco, a lil' bit of rice (prob 1/2 cup) and a couple of baked fries. Initially I took the rice until I saw the fries. I have not had dinner because I'm full and thekidsandihadicecreamconesvanillanosprinklesforme.


I'll be right back, I have to see if I can find my grocery receipt, since I have one known reader who actually is interested.

I will have to go on memory. The kids allegedly cleaned the kitchen and managed to toss it out. Yet they missed a straw wrapper.

I spent about $60. Most items were 3 for, 5 for...spinach wraps, lite yogurt, hummus, 2% milk, vegetarian eggs, microwave pizza (meat spectacular for them, veggie for me), lite wheat thins, turkey sausages, sliced deli turkey, provolone cheese, lite quik, lite pancake syrup, bagel thins (awesomeness), bananas, sardines, tuna fish, and coffee. I think that's it. Hell. I can't believe I remembered all of that. I used one coupon.

Holy Metabolife!!!!!!

It's almost midnight. I love that I forget that I've been up since 5:30 and that I need to be up at 6:30 tomorrow.

I could say more, but luckily we have tomorrow.

I love me for losing, I'm on my way.



  1. I wont tell you all the details about a certain canoe ride that I had but I must share that there were presumed ghosts and lots of screaming involved. Anyway, I put on 5 after gettting on the scale upon returning from vacation. Way too much mazamorra, flan, coquito, coconut ices and rice! Its all good. I got my fresh direct delivery and its all fruits and veggies and Ive been back to my healthy eating plan once again. I like the way I eat and its nice to make peace with food. Now on to making peace with the stubborn muffin around my waist. I moved the treadmill to the living room. I said I would work out in my new apartment with the treadmill but that did not happen. Perhaps if I put in another room???? Why do i negotiate with myself about these things? Im so not going to do them. there I said it.

  2. I just got my no joke and already I don't care. Ay...I'm so whatever this second.