Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 23: Hmmmm


Usually the title of my blog has some tie in to the body of the blog, but today that is not the case. Honestly, tomorrow is the first day of school and I've been so busy today there is no time for creativity.

Thanks for being here. If you are reading this at nearly midnight, you either are one of those too cool for school parents who have it all figured out or you are child-free. Can I tell you child-free people, even if you don't have offspring...you WILL BE AFFECTED TOMORROW and for the next nine months.

Planning is power.

Anyway! Today's weight was very dismal, I don't want to share.

Are you ok with that? Please be ok. If you must know, you can ask in the comments. I will answer. It was hurtful and I don't feel like writing the numbers and making them real. Denial, anyone?

Today I ate the following: yogurt, the last uber ripe banana, a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese, a serving of Wheat Thins, a can of sardines, 8oz ginger ale, two bbq'd chicken drumsticks, five onion rings, and a goblet of wine.

Now that I read it, I didn't eat that much.


I also see that I didn't eat any veggies. Can we count the onion rings? I really need to do some shopping.

I was actually presented with yet another pizza party, but I'd had my sardines, cheese and crackers, so I passed. I felt good. The pizza looked fabulous, but I'm pretty sure that today's dismal numbers were from yesterday's fabulous pizza and beer.

I still did not get on the No Joke. In lieu of that, I had to grab the WondaGirl and take her on some last minute shopping. We did a lot of walking, so I'm going to count that. I also did loads of housework today. If I really counted daily housework I would be able to claim some major calorie burning, but I'm way too sporadic.

Come to think of it, my workouts are sporadic too. Argh, moving right along.

Ah it is what it is.

My sweets...I have to bang out a few things before midnight, so I am going to let you go. Thank you for being here. I would like to talk to you about a few more things, but like I told you before, sleep deprivation does not do the body good.

I love me for losing, I'm on my way.


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