Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 00: We Start Tomorrow


Welcome to 40 in 40: Laugh Together, Lose Together

I honestly don't know where to start. The beginning comes to mind, but where is the beginning of obesity? Well that was dark and dismal. This blog is not about being dark and dismal. Sometimes it will happen, however, it is not the goal. If you read something particularly dismal, feel free to let me know.

A little about me: I'd be way happier if I were 40lbs lighter...more about me, I am a blogger. I love to write. Writing frees me. This blog is to free me of these 40lbs that are having a torrid love affair with my body. Just so you know, this torrid love affair is nothing new. I've always fought with my weight. Sometimes I win the fight, but usually with not-so-good-techniques. I have done pretty much everything to lose this weight.

I want to take everything that I know about weight loss and customize (cheat when I feel like it) to my needs. I want to tell you that I am not a doctor and if you want real advice, see one. I'm here without a Dr., but with a OMG I'M HUGE degree from the School of WTF??

Currently I am 200lbs. That is a whole lot. Right before my son was conceived, I was 199lbs. I thought that was great, because at the time I was trying to lose anyway. Fast forward to thirteen years later, there is nothing great about 200lbs. I managed with the "help" of diet pills (that are currently off the market, because people abused them to DEATH, thanks..) to get all the way down to 158lbs. NO BUENO. I really looked ill. I am very comfy in the 165-175 zone.

40 in 40: 40lbs in 40 days!

I wish.

40 in 40: 40lbs in 40 weeks!

Yep, that's the deal. Come visit, if nothing else, you will laugh. I know I will be laughing.

Trust me, there will be days when you may check me out and feel worried about me. DON'T!!! I am an old hand at this, 34 years old to be exact.

Tomorrow is the start, because if you've EVER dieted, you know that diets start on Monday.

My goal is to stay under 1200 calories a day.

Wish me luck!

I love me for losing, I'm on my way!



  1. Funny...tomorrow I'm starting mine too!! I'm doing Insanity by Beach body! I'll let u know how I'm doing as well.

  2. I follow the self amgazine 350 calories for bfast, 450 for lunch and 550 for dinner with 150 for snacks/beverages (1500). Don't kill yourself with the 1200.

  3. I tried the 1200 calories a day by doing the Special K diet & it didn't work. 1500 calories seem more logical.. But I also have about 30-40lbs to lose.. My ideal weight 140-150, I've never been skinny & if I lose to much I'll look like I'm on drugs or something.. can't have that.. Chris I'm w/ you

  4. here's some ugly news - I only have 11 more lbs to reach my goal!!!! And, I have to thank you and yours because it began when you girls stopped eating meat - and though I still have a piece of chicken here and there - I actually see an hour glass now! lol - 11lbs to go, 11lbs to go - and your 40 in 40 - babe, I'm with you all the way!

  5. This was great. Diets do start on Monday. I gained 15 of the 13 pounds. Im gooing to start after my birthday and I'll take 40lbs off please.

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments. I look forward to them. Marissa, if eating 1500 a day would help me get anywhere near your wonderfulness, my problems would be solved. I'm glad I'm inspiring you all. That's how we do. Janice! How cool it is to see you here!!

  7. The muffin top over my now one size bigger pants implore me to address my pounds gained (dont know exactly how much though cause I havent steped on a scale lately). However having said this Im loving my body more than ever. I look in the mirror and really appreciate the curves and the flow of my lines. Not sure how that happened but the muffin top is just a sign of the high level of cholestrol that is running through my body so it must be addressed. Perhaps if I reduce the muffins I put in my mouth it will result in a smaller muffin top around my waist?? I think Im on to something....will let you know how it goes.