Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 01: Say Word Fatsy Cline?


Thank you for returning. If this is your first time here, thank you for coming.

So I hopped on the scale this morning and I was/am (who knows) 203lbs. Yes. Ok. So to my credit, this is the type of number that would lead me to stand outside the CVS with a fistful of dollars and a mind full of dreams. I don't even know how I can swallow for fear of gaining more. However, I told you that writing heals me. Instead of racing to the gym to beg their forgiveness, I just took a deep breath and thought about blogging.

I knew that I would be here soon filling you in and I knew that you would be waiting. I don't know if you were, but I have to tell myself that.

It took me a while to get to breakfast because I was pretty upset. I didn't have an appetite. While that should be a blessing, breakfast is not one of those meals that you want to skip. Actually you should not skip any of them, but breakfast is the king of all meals.

I made a smoothie. I didn't know the calorie count for everything, so I used my 1/2 cup rule. Nothing aside from maybe sugar or salt in a half cup is bad for you.

1/2 cup of the following:
dry oatmeal
frozen strawberries
fresh cut pineapple
frozen blue berries
vanilla soy
V8 splash

a handful of green pea shoots
two squirts of green tea extract

The green tea extract is a really expensive little bottle of something green. The only reason I have it is because Dr. Oz said so. I tend to believe everything he says. From this point on, if I use some idea of his, it will be known as WWDOD. I used the green pea shoots because I feel a smoothie is incomplete without some green leafy addition. I prefer baby spinach, but I don't have any on hand.

For lunch I had a salmon burger with sauteed onions and green peas, yes a 1/2 cup. I am disorganized, but when I create a rule, I follow it.

I had a bag of pirate's booty for a snack.

For dinner I am going to have sweet potato soup. The sweet potatoes are boiling now. It will only take me a sec to make the soup, because my Magic Bullet is ridiculous like that. The cool thing about the soup is I can freeze leftovers for later.

You can pretty much freeze anything for later. I would not freeze meat, fish or poultry. It just seems gross. I don't eat meat and poultry (anymore) so that eliminates that little debate. As far as fish, its so delicious, I NEVER have leftovers.

If you are wondering about the soup, here it goes:
Two boiled sweet potatoes, peeled and tossed in the bullet with the following:
1/2 cup of water
1/2 vanilla soy
1/2 V8 splash
salt and pepper to taste
little pinch of nutmeg

Blend and drink.

I'm probably going to toss in some pea shoots, seeing as I need to use them up.

I'm trying very hard to keep a food log. The problem with that is that I am so dang disorganized, I always lose the log. Right now I am using a little pad that my mom gave me. She is a HUGE FAN of the $0.99 store, so if I lose this I won't freak. In the past, I've bought actual notebooks, pretty ones...but like I said, I lose them. I think what I need is a damn trapper keeper that I would strap to my back...but I'd probably lose that too. Stay tuned for the fate of the little log. This time Friday I will be reading off a ragged sticky note.

This part of the blog is for mental health:
I received an email today that sent me to pissivity (s/o to DA) level 10. My first thought was to go out and get a veggie pizza and a bottle of ciroc, and enjoy a weepy eat&drinkathon. I thought about blogging tonight and realized that that is not something that I would have been proud to share-at least on the first day.

I'm not saying that you won't ever read something terrible, but I am saying that thinking of you reading will always inspire me to think long and hard about my actions. I promise to never lie to you. In actuality, this is a real case of lying to you, would be lying to me.

I intend on succeeding. Thank you for your support.

I love me for losing, I'm on my way!



  1. What's WWDOD stand for Wonderful World of Dr. Oz' Delights? Pirate Booty and Magic Bullets makes the laptop jiggle on my stomach as I giggle. I wish the heat of the laptop on my stomach area would melt the fat away.

  2. What Would Dr. Oz Do? Your version sounds good too. If the heat of the laptop would melt my fat, I'd sleep with it.

  3. Sounds delicious! Except that V8 splash is not a condiment :)

  4. Hey Use Lose It on your Touch as a place to log in your food items. Its a free App.