Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 05: A Road Trip and an Angus Burger


I'm blogging from sunny Florida. We last spoke on Tuesday. How is everybody? Good? Great! Not so good? Start from now...good feels oh so great.

If you are on my Facebook, you know that I've been traveling. If you aren't, now you know.

There are a few laws to vacationing:

1. Scales in other places are unreliable. I recall a time when I weighed myself in Boston and I was soooooo light. I got all besides myself and ate whatever I wanted. Why? I could afford it, I was a skinny bitch. The story changed when I got home. Ever since then, I don't trust outside scales. For that reason I cannot weigh myself for the next week and a bit. I'm sorry. I'm more afraid than sorry because this will be a real test, know why? This is a nice sedge way to the second law of vacationing...

2. Vacation food is so different from regular food. I know a wonderful newlywed couple honeymooning in Barcelona. All of their posts are about food. All you are supposed to do on vacation is eat and take pictures of eating. That leads me to another thought (this is proof that I think in order)...


This may not seem like a big deal, but I've been a pescatarian since April 23. A pescatarian does not eat meat or poultry. I did this in support of a family member but it turned into something more. It went from me being supportive to me being stubborn. Case in point, the family member started eating meat before me.

Ok, ok, I am vacationing and this is a blog of love because I'm a little distracted. Following is everything I've chowed on today. I'm not breaking it down into meals, because vacationing is not about order.

Two microwave pancakes, coffee, two angus sliders, french fries (I could have skipped), more coffee, one beer and now a glass of Malibu rum.

My Lovely is feeding me ketchup flavored potato chips. I also had a lemonade sample and broccoli in cheese sample at Sam's Club. You MUST eat every free thing in Sam's Club. Don't test me.

We have not had dinner yet. I am at a friend's house and they are debating dinner.

There is more to talk about but, really vacation...oh sugar! I of my reader's wanted to know about the angus sliders. Well, they were great. I should have had a real sized burger, it could have still been mooing. Oh, you didn't know about my raw meat obsession? Please don't leave me.

I will be back tomorrow. I think we are going jogging in the morning. That depends on the evening. Its not looking so good.

I love me for losing, I'm on my way!


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