Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 06: Beach, Babe and Snickers Ice Cream


Ok..can you tell by the title that I am not 100% on top of this 40 in 40 concept? Damn this wonderful vacation.

I told you that we would probably jog this morning. It didn't happen. Remember I told you that we were debating dinner? We decided on an Asian fusion, sushi and Chinese food. LOL! Our friend has a few titles. She is our friend, my webmaster, a blog follower and my advocate. I bet you want to know why. I bet I'm going to tell you.

Our friend has a handful of kids, so My Lovely stayed with the kids while we made a food run. First stop was the Chinese restaurant. We asked the woman behind the counter when they close and she looked at the time, rolled her eyes and deadpanned, "I have two hours". That right there should have been a warning of things to come.

You know, if you let me go on at this rate, I will break this story down to teeny tiny bits. On to the point!

At Publix, I slipped on some water by the sushi cold well and bust my booty. Yep. Never, not ever, nunca should you wear flip flops while trying to lose 40lbs but vacationing in Florida on a sushi run to the supermarket. That's how I roll. Learn from me. I was shocked because no one aside from our friend seemed concerned that I got up close and personal with the hard floor. The reason I call our friend my advocate is because she was so pissed that I fell and no one cared. She threw the sushi AT the well. Funny stuff.....

That is why we didn't run this morning. We could have, but we stayed at our friend's home extra long..between icing my jacked knee and whatnot. This morning there was no energy for jogging and once again, my knee was done.

I guess you want to know what I ate today. You can skip this part, but it really helps me to write things down. It makes me feel spot on.

Two scrambled eggs, naked toast, naked fish fillet with cheese, coffee and more coffee, orange juice, fresh potato chips (could of skipped, but I rationalized that I skipped the fries with my fish), a Snickers ice cream bar, salmon, veggies, whole wheat pasta and a beer. Right now I'm working on a Tom Collins. I will not lie to you or myself and tell you that this will be my sole drink. Vacation, people.

I could have skipped the Snickers ice cream bar, but I wanted ice cream and if I'm going hard, I'm going real hard.

Honestly guys, I don't know how I am doing. I know that I am eating considerably less than I ever have done on vacation. I am thinking about what I eat before I eat it, and I am trying to be more active. The sun is deceiving because it is making me feel fit, fine and fabulous. I am feeling voluptuous and va-va-voom. In New York I feel gritty and overweight. Here in Florida, no one seems concerned about their weight. We passed a family on the beach and the mom was like, Dad? Steak right? Dougie, Janie, Bill, Cindy, George? Steak, steak, steak, steak, steak good, right?

I was uber impressed. I felt like saying, me too, Mom! Steak, ok!

I'm going to take my drink and two-step to the pool to sit in the moonlight with my lady love.

We will talk tomorrow. Think of me, I think of you. I feel a little guilty, this blog isn't as long as it usually is, but take advantage. Once I'm home its back to War and Peace length.

We are going to try jogging on Monday.

I love me for losing, I'm on my way!


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