Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 02: Eggplant Could Be The Enemy


I'll let you know that since yesterday I am have been under attack. Unfortunately, its the curse of the nice guy. We don't want to finish last, its just that the bastids are always stepping on our necks and thwarting our progress. This is for my other blog. Out, out, out, damn spot...........

Today I woke up and hopped on my faithful friend and lo and behold:


Da da duuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm

Yes that is great news, but this yo-yo dieter knows that that means nothing. Sure, its a considerable amount less than yesterday's 203, but the body flucuates like that. Yes. Sucks to be human, but at least we got..we got..yeah, I'll get back to that.

So for breakfast, I decided on eggs and avocado. I am really have to move the perishables and sue me, I didn't feel like a smoothie. I used two eggs and 1/2 of an avocado (you know me and the 1/2). I topped it with one slice of muenster cheese. Eggs are so lonely without cheese. By the way, I don't eat eggs enough to dignify only eating the whites. If God wanted us to only consume the whites, than I guess there would be a chicken who only produced whites...or at least science would have figured that out. They are genetically jacking everything else up, why not a chicken? (This is so not for this blog, I apologize)

The breakfast looked great but the avocado was not ripe. I thought it was ripe. I was so wrong. I don't know that there is anything edible in the world as bitter as an unripe avocado. OMG. I love avocadoes, but after today, I feel different.

I ate as much as I could because I am too cheap to toss out food. (Yet another yo-yo dieter's dilemna) After a while I had to pick out the bitter-cado. You know food is super bitter if the after taste is even more bitter than the during(?)taste. Ew. I had to quickly swallow a cup of V8 Splash, which didn't work...leading me to scarf down a blueberry waffle.

See how overeating can happen to good people?

Later on I had an apple and four crackers.

I went to a diner for lunch because I WAS UPSET (STILL AM). I turned to food. I know my problem, I can validate it. I chose eggplant parm with spaghetti. Hold on. Before you jump on me, I had a choice: eggplant parm with spaghetti or an eggplant parm hero. What the hell? The waiter was not interested in watching me google calorie counts. As soon as the food came (by the way there was a little bowl of lentil soup) I had the waiter wrap up all the spaghetti and a portion of the eggplant. I pulled off excess cheese and tossed it on top of the spaghetti. This left me with a nice meal that didn't break me.

See this worked, because I was able to bring the food home for dinner. Not my dinner-as I shared on Facebook, their dinner. I will be having mint toothpicks for dinner.

Fast forward to now and I am not hungry, so I don't even need a mint toothpick. The minute I feel hungry I will go to bed. I don't want to have to eat so late.

Ugh I was so annoyed today that I forgot to cut and paste my closing. See how life tries to get you?

I love me for losing. (That sounds right)



  1. You can do it!! I'm still with you!

  2. Had the exact same meal yesterday for dinner (at a beautiful quiet restaurant with my love) and the other half today for lunch. That eggplant tasted even better today than it did yesterday! Whodaguess? No scale for me yet so cant report on going up or down but Im cheering you on. Can you hear me from way down here?
    Gimme a L!!!! Gimme a O!!!!!.....